How To paint your Mural Project

How To paint your Mural Project

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how the mural process works. I have provided an outline of how we will approach your project. from start to finish.


Initially after we receive your inquiry, we will follow up by contacting you to have a conversation and gather more details about your project. We want to hear more, learn about your property or space, and hear about your vision, if you don’t have one, well then we can submit ideas for you. After you have decided to move forward with the design process, we will discuss budget and other details, we then will secure a deposit for the design phase. We will provide you graphic renders until we get the design dialed in to how you like it.


Typically there is a design process deposit, a percentage of the total cost to get the sketches and renders started for your property. Once I receive the design deposit and signed contract I will begin work on designs for your wall and schedule the project.


Size is the most obvious factor that goes into pricing a mural project. The larger the area to be painted, the higher the cost.  In order to determine the total area to be painted, simply multiply the width times the height, in feet — this gives you the total area in square feet of your mural project.

Complexity of design is the second factor which goes into pricing a mural. Simply put, the lower the level of detail, the lower the price per square foot. Figures, lettering and trompe l’oeil details take time to paint. Location of the mural also plays a factor – ground level murals are more accessible, large scale, and higher upper level locations and intricacy in the detail of the artwork increases the cost.

Most of my quotes Include: Materials, Paints, and Labor, to cover your mural project. Depending on the project details and necessary equipment needed.


A deposit to get the mural started, depends on the overall price, but is typically 50% of the total, this is due two weeks prior to the first day of onsite painting. This allows for preparation and ordering of supplies and confirms the scheduling dates. At this time, we will review the mural design concept again and see if either of us have had any new thoughts or ideas on the mural design. We will confirm the start date and time, and confirm any preparation of the space as necessary.


I typically paint for about 6-8 hours each day, usually starting around 9 am. On outdoor projects, I may start as early as 8 am or as late as noon, depending on the sun exposure of the wall and weather conditions. This can also vary for indoor spaces. I will also touch base regularly as the work progresses to ensure that expectations are being met and everything is on the right track.

My focus is on executing a masterpiece, and I work until we are both satisfied with the results. When I am close to completion, I will notify you and we can review the finished work together.