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Size is the most obvious factor that goes into pricing a mural project. The larger the area to be painted, the higher the cost.  In order to determine the total area to be painted, simply multiply the width times the height, in feet — this gives you the total area in square feet of your mural project.

Complexity of design is the second factor which goes into pricing a mural. Simply put, the lower the level of detail, the lower the price per square foot. Figures, lettering and trompe l’oeil details take time to paint. Location of the mural also plays a factor – ground level murals are more accessible, large scale, and higher upper level locations and intricacy in the detail of the artwork increases the cost.

Some quotes may include: Materials, Paints, and Labor, to cover your mural project. Depending on the project details and necessary equipment needed.

My focus is on executing a masterpiece, and I work until we are both satisfied with the results. When I am close to completion, I will notify you and we can review the finished work together.